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Amongst the various Departments under the Govt of India, the Defence Accounts Department has been the pioneer in introducing automation in its workplace. The Department has made remarkable progress in computerization of its functions as a result of which many areas - Pay and Provident Fund accounts of Army personnel, GREF personnel and Defence civilians, Pension Sanction and Pension Disbursement of Defence Personnel and Defence Civilians, Compilation of Defence Receipt and Expenditure, Third party payments, Pay roll and Provident Fund System of Industrial and Non-Industrial Employees of Ordnance Factories and Costing Accounts in Ordnance factories have been successfully computerized.

Major Activities

1. Projects serving pensioners

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1Aashraya & SuvigyaDefence Accounts Department is responsible for sanction and disbursement of Defence Pension to retired Service Officers, JCOs and ORs, Defence Civilians and their families. Efficient Disbursement of Pension to the Defence Pensioners is of primmest concern to the Defence Accounts Department. The Defence Pension budget constitutes approximately 62% of total pension budget of Central Govt. Pension is sanctioned to approximately one lac retirees each year by three Pension Sanctioning Authorities of the Department and is disbursed monthly to..... More>>

2.Projects serving Other Ranks

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1Samarth and DolphinPay and allowances of Personnel Below Officer Rank (PBOR) of the Indian Army including JCOs holding Honorary Commissioned Ranks are maintained Corps/Regiment-wise on Individual Running Ledger Account (IRLA) System in 44 Pay and Accounts Offices(PAOs) of Defence Accounts Department spread across the country. These PAOs maintain about 14 lacs accounts of the serving PBOR, in addition to approximately 4 lacs accounts of retired PBOR. .........More>>

3.Other Projects

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1AO (GE) Module Project “VISHWAK” The project aims at the automation of working AO GE Offices. The Bills of MES Contractors, TA/DA Medical & other claim in r/o industrial staff etc will be processed on system leading to automatic generation of the Cheque slip and Punching Medium making quick and transparent payment to contractors and industrial staff. The payment will be released by E-payme .........More>>
2Project Sankalan: E-MNB ModuleReady access to relevant government orders, manuals facilitates timely and correct disposal of cases. In this backdrop, an idea of e-MNB was conceived and the project SANKALAN has been taken up in July 2010. This is a web based entirely in-house developed search engine.The most significant feature of this project is online availability of all important government Orders and circulars etc pertaining to functioning of DAD and services have been added in order of their importance .........More>>
3Project Pawan: Air Forced (Post Audit Module) The project is a software development project for automation of Post-Audit of Pay Allowances, Medical and TA/DA Claim on r/o Air Force Personnel in the office of the CDA (Air Force). .........More>>
4Project “NIDHI” Fund (Main) System. Fund (Main) System covers fund maintaining activities of Defence Civilians currently undertaken by CDA (Funds) Meerut, PCDA. (Navy) Mumbai, PCDA New Delhi, and PCDA (R&D) New Delhi. Fund (Main) System has been implemented in all the above offices. After Implementation of this system the Funds details such as credits and debits, final .........More>>
5Project Bhawan. This is a software development programme for the functioning of AAO (BSO) offices all over the India. It has been developed under the leadership of Jt. CDA O/o the CDA Guwahati using PHP/HTML/JAVASCRIPT and MySQL database.........More>>
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