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1)   Defence Pension Adalat

    Pension Adalat a forum to redress grievances of pensioners is being held at the following stations during the current financial year 2006-07: -

April 2006
June 2006
August 2006
October 2006
December 2006
February 2007

       During the last financial year 2005-2006, 2239 cases were received and out of which 1860 cases have already been settled and rest of the cases are under process /examination with concerned agencies, which  will be finalized shortly.

2. Improvement in Pension of PBOR- MOD letter No.  14(3)/2004-D/Pen-Sers/Vol.III dated 01.02.2006 & 2.5.06

 The following additional benefits for the purpose of calculation of pension have been given to PBOR pensioners w.e.f 1.1.2006.
    (i) Grant of pension at not less than 50% of the maximum of pay scale as on 1.1.96 for the pre -96 pensioners for 33 years of qualifying service for the rank and group continuously  held  during the last 10 months subject to a minimum  of Rs. 1913/- p.m.
    (ii) enhancement  of weightage from existing 5 years to 10,8 and 6 years in the rank of Sepoy, Naik and Havildar respectively and equivalent subject to a  maximum qualifying service of 30 years .
    The above Govt. orders with revised pension tables together with implementation instructions have been put on PCDA(P) Allahabad website .  All the pension disbursing agencies have been advised to commence revision of pension with reference to these orders.
    Revision of pension in respect of affected pensioners being paid by the DPDOs has been done in the month of July, 2006.  Left over cases, if any, are being attended to by the DPDOs for completion of revision work by 30.9.2006.

3. Recent Government orders for improvement in pensions payment procedure.

 (i)    MOD letter No. PC-MF-Air HQ/24229/383/FPHC/PP &R-3 (i) /582/A/D (Pen/Sers dated 29.11.2005: -
    Provisions have been made by the Government of India for Notification of name of handicapped child in the PPO for grant of service pension/ family pension.
 (ii)     MOD No. 1527/B/05/D (Pen/Sers) dated 08.02.2006: -     Introduction of the facility for operation of a Joint bank account by pensioner  with his /her spouse in whose favour an authorization for family pension exists in the PPO to avoid difficulties to family pensioner to the opening of new account at the time of commencement of family pension.

(iii)    MOD letter no. PC.PN/7994/431/B/D (Pen/Sers)/06 dated 08.03.2006:
    Government of India has exempted NRI pensioners/family pensioners who are settled abroad from personal appearance in the concerned PDAs in India at the time of first drawl of Pension provided the Indian Embassy / Mission abroad issue a certificate to the effect that  the pensioner /family pensioners has been identified by them on his/her personal appearance.

(iv)    MOD letter No.14 (1)/99-D (AG) dated 7.8.2003 and MOD letter No. B/39022/AG/PSO5 (Policy)/29/A/D (Pen/Sers)/06 dated 10.01.06: -
    Assured career Progression Scheme for PBOR of Armed Forces enrolled at the level of Sepoy and equivalent and NCs (E) of Air Force, with effect from 07.08.03 has been introduced.  Pension in respect of these ACP upgradation will be calculated based on the existing pension formula subject to the condition that upgradation pay scale in the rank and group has continuously been held for 10 months preceding discharge from service.
(v)    MOD letter No. B/38278/FPS/AG/PS-5/815/A (Pen/Sers)/2005 dated 07.03.2006: -
    Provisions have been made that in the event of death of both father and mother who were Government employees, minor children will be eligible to draw both the family pension provided both the employees were governed by the family pension scheme 1964 (Army, Air Force , Navy or Civil).
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