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Government of India
Ministry of Defence
(Finance Division)
South Block, New Delhi

Dated    08 March, 2007
    The CGDA
    O/o CGDA
    R.K. Puram, New Delhi-110066

Subject:    Subordinate Accounts Service Examination of the Defence Accounts Department.


    I am directed to refer to your UO NO. AN/SAS/16313/Re-structuring SAS/2005/Vol-III dated  05.03.2007 and to state that for the reasons stated therein, the competent authority in supersession of the existing orders on the above subject has decided to make the following changes to the existing pattern of SAS Examinations:-

2.    The Subordinate Accounts Service Examinations will consists of two parts as under:-

SAS Part-I

a) Paper-I Organisation & Fundamental of Audit & Accounts (Without Books) 100 Marks
b) Paper-II Organisation & Fundamental of Audit & Accounts (With Books) 100 Marks
c) Paper-III Accountancy 150 Marks
d) Paper-IV Service Regulations(With Books) 100 Marks

        SAS Part-II

Works, Stores & Internal Audits(With Books) 100 Marks
Paper- VI
Works, Stores & Internal Audits(Without Books) 100 Marks
Financial Management, IFA System & Elements of Law 100 Marks
Paper-VIII Office Communication
150 Marks
Paper-IX Fundamentals of EDP(Theory & Practical) 100 Marks
2.1    Candidates will be required to pass a Preliminary Test before appearing in SAS Part-I Examination. The preliminary test will be held in two papers viz. Paper I & Paper II of 100 Marks each. The answer sheet of preliminary test Paper I & II will be evaluated through Optical Mark Reading (OMR) Method. A candidates who have qualified the preliminary test but absent himself or withdraws his candidature from SAS Examination Part-I immediately following will be required to requalify in the preliminary test to be eligible to appear in SAS Examination Part-I. SAS Apprentices neet not appear in the preliminary test.
2.2    Papers  VIII(Office Communication) & Paper IX (EDP Theory & Practical) of SAS Part –II will be qualifying papers. Marks secured in these papers will not be counted in the aggregate marks secured by the candidates.

2.3    The existing system of submission of medical certificates for withdrawing the candidature from Part I & II examination is removed. Withdrawal will be permitted by the CGDA when circumstances of the case fully justified. A candidate can however withdraw his candidature by giving a simple application at least 15 days before the start of examination.

2.4    After the new scheme is introduced all candidates may have to appear in the new system. One special chance shall however be given to all those candidates who have got exemption either in paper I/II or III/IV in the existing Part-I examination for appearing and clearing the SAS Part-I.

2.5    Further two special chances shall be given to the following categories of candidates to clear Part-II examination as per the existing scheme:-

(a)   Candidates, who have already passed Part-I Examination in the existing scheme.
(b)  Candidates who got exemption in either of Paper V or VI or VII/VIII in the existing system but could not pass Part-II Examination.
(c)   Candidates who might be able to pass Part-I examination as enumerated in para-2.4 above.

2.6    For the benefit of candidates appearing in Paper-IX (Fundamentals of EDP) adequate computer training is to be arranged by the PCsDA/CsDA before the start of Part-II Examinations.

3.    The modifications/amendments proposed to the existing rules as also the new rules suggested to give effect to the revised pattern of SAS Examination are also approved.

4.    Necessary Govt. sanction enhancing the existing rates of honorarium for setting of question papers, evaluation of answer sheets, translation of question papers etc. has been issued separately.

5.    List of Books at page-156 of the proposal may please be amplified to include(a) DPP-2006(b) DPM-2006 and (c) Indian Contract Act, 1872. Any subsidiary instruction for the implementation of these orders may be issued at your end.

Your faithfully

(S.N. Misra)
Js & Addl. FA

Copy to :-
    All PCsDA/CsDA

Government of India
Ministry of Defence(Fin)
DAD (Coord), South Block,
New Delhi

Dated  08.03. 2007

    The CGDA
    West Block-V
    R.K. Puram,
    New Delhi

Subject:    Grant of honorarium to examiners for the SAS examination of the Defence Accounts Department.


    I am directed to refer to your UO NO. AN/SAS/16313/Re-structuring/2005/Vol.-III dated 5.3.2007 on the above subject and in supersession of earlier orders issued in this regard convey the sanction of the President for payment of honorarium to the Examiners for setting question papers/moderation of papers/valuation of answer books etc. of departmental SAS examinations Part – I & II at the revised rates as shown below:-

SL. No. Item Rate of honorarium
Setting of Question papers of three hours duration Rs. 600/-
Specialist portion Rs. 450/-
Moderation of Question Papers – three hours duration 350/-
Specialist portion Rs. 225/-
Evaluation of Answer Books
For three hours paper
For less than three hours
Valuation of floppies through Computer
For Head Examiners

Rs. 9.00/-
Rs. 5.50/-
Rs. 9.00/- per floppy
Rs. 1.50/- over the rate for evaluation
Re- valuation of Answer Books
For three hours paper
For less than three hours.

Rs. 4.00/-
Hindi Translation of Question Papers 50% of paper setting

2.    The existing rates of honorarium payable to Invigilators and the other officials deployed for SAS examination duties are also revised as under:-

Invigilators in SAS examinations JTS/SAO/AO Rs. 80/- per session
Other officials deployed in SAS duties
Sr. Auditor/Auditor/Clerk
Record Clerk/Gp. D

Rs. 60/- per session
Rs. 40/- per session
Rs.30/- per session

3.    The revised rates will be effective from the examinations held after the issue of this orders. If any officer is assigned to set or moderate or evaluate 2 sections of a paper, the honorarium paid to the officer should not exceed the amount prescribed for 3 hours paper.

4.    This issues with the concurrence of Addl. FA(AM) as IFA(DAD) vide No. 459/Addl. FA(AM) dated 08.03.2007

Your faithfully

(S.N. Misra)
JS & Addl. FA

Copy to
1.    All PCsDA/CsDA
2.    IFA, DAD, New Delhi

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