Reservist Pension

Other Ranks of the Armed Forces, depending upon their terms of engagement, serve for specified number of years in ‘Reserve’. The service rendered while in active service in the Armed Forces is called “Colour” service and that in reserve is called “Reserve” Service. While the minimum “colour” service necessary to earn a service pension is 15 years, there are individuals who retire after completing 15 years of combined colour and reserve service, the latter category of other ranks are granted “Reservist Pension” in terms of Regulation 155 of Pension Regulations for the Army – 1961 (Part-I).

The rates of Reservist pension revised from time to time are indicated as under:
Effective date Revised rates of Reservist pension (In Rupees p.m.) Relevant authority under which the rates were revised.
1-1-1986375GOI. MOD letter No.1(4)/87/ D(Pen/ Ser) dated 12.05.1987
1-1-19961,275GOI. MOD letter No.1(2)/97/D (Pen/Ser) dt. 24.11.1997
1-1-20063,500GOI, MOD letter No 17(4)/2008(1)/ D(Pen/Policy) dated 11.11.2008
Note – Dearness relief, as notified by Government from time to time, is also paid in addition.
Monthly Ex-gratia payment to Reservists

Prior to 1-4-68, the other ranks who retired after completing at least 15 years colour plus reserve service had the option to choose between “Reservist Pension” or “lump sum Gratuity” in lieu. Reservists who were discharged prior to 1.4.1968 after rendering minimum qualifying service required for grant of pension but had opted/ accepted lump sum amount of gratuity at the time of release from service and have not availed benefits of rehabilitation assistance granted by the Govt. and also are not in receipt of any other pension, are entitled for Exgratia payment of Rs. 600/- per month with effect from 1.11.1997 plus dearness relief applicable from time to time.

Auth - MOD letter No. B/39042/AG/PS4(a & c)/1331/C/D(Pen/Sers ) dated 29.12.2000.

Monthly Ex-Gratia payment to the families of Deceased Reservists

A Reservist, who opted for one time lump sum gratuity in lieu of monthly pension was not entitled to any pension and subsequently, his family was also not eligible for ordinary family pension. However, with effect from 1.1.1992 the Widows and dependent children of the deceased Reservists who had, opted to receive one time lump –sum gratuity in lieu of pension are granted monthly ex-gratia payment of Rs.150/- per month or from the date following the date of death of the deceased Reservists, whichever is later. The ex-gratia payment has been revised to Rs. 605/- p.m. with effect from 1.11.1997. Dearness Relief, as notified, will also be admissible in addition.